Why Your Business is in a State of Arrested Development (and What You Can Do About it)

I’m willing to bet you spend way too much time working *in* your business (instead of *on* your business), have far too little free time to work on the things that really excite you, and are having trouble grmowing and reaching the next level of business success as smoothly and quickly as you’d like.

How can I possibly know this?

Because for the past 6 months I’ve been busy helping a small handful of 6/7 figure business owners systemize, automate and scale their businesses.

The results so far have been…impressive.

For example, one of my clients Jane Copeland had this to say:

Jane now spends less time bogged down by daily operations and more time actually growing the business and working in her “genius zone”.

Today I’m going to share some specific strategies that you too can use to work less, earn more, and grow your business substantially in the next few months.

But first, why do some entrepreneurs fight this uphill battle while others grow at an enviable rate?

It always goes back to ROOT causes.

If you experience any of the problems Jane mentioned in the video above then it’s because your business lacks one or all of 4 fundamental things:

1. Organization – a central location for business files, folders, sharing, collaboration.

2. Documentation – standard operating procedures (SOPs) that act as checklist for you and your team to follow to make sure things get done the right way, each and every time.

3. Applications – most businesses I work with start out lacking team chat and do everything from within gmail or Google Apps (big mistake!) They also often don’t have any task management, support desk, or central file repository.

4. Automation – I found with some clients that we could improve efficiency drastically by eliminating repetitive tasks that were being done by humans. To accomplish this we use automation tools like Zapier, which is absolutely transforming businesses everywhere (including my own!)

(In fact, my business model would be literally impossible if Zapier didn’t exist).

The point is that these entrepreneurs are doing 6 or 7 (even 8!) figures but they’re stressed out and their teams are stressed too from putting out fires all day instead of making positive forward progress on business growth.

Without organization, applications, documentation and automations, there’s just no way you can scale.

You’ll have performance consistency problems from your team because they don’t have documentation telling them exactly what to do in their role.

You’ll also have a hard time hiring and training team members for the same exact reason.

In other words, you’re “winging it” and you can’t break through to the next level because your operations are too inefficient.

And because they’re inefficient you wind up wasting your own precious time and energy picking up the slack that’s created by a lack of good systems, processes, apps and documentation.

Perhaps most importantly, you can’t spend nearly as much time as you’d like doing what you actually want inside your business because you’re the chief fireman/firewoman in charge of putting out the endless business fires that come up daily.

But what you’re probably wondering now is:

“Ok Vic, how do I actually FIX these issues and get on with growing my business?”

I’ve actually written a rather extensive post on how to strengthen your business foundation in an easy to follow, super actionable, step-by-step format.

Check it out here:

4 pillars of a solid business foundation

I should warn you: reading my massive 7000 word post does not mean you’ve accomplished a darn thing.

You’ve got to take action!

So I recommend two courses of action — which one you pick depends upon your situation.

1. You can hand this post off to a key team member and task him/her with implementing the various systems, apps, documentation and organization that I’ve outlined.

2. You can schedule a call with me to discuss the possibility of me doing it for you.

Schedule a call here:


Because I’ve done this a number of times for entrepreneurs in different verticals I know that it works across the board.

And why wouldn’t it?

These are fundamental business principles that we all already know about.

It’s just a matter of actually implementing them in a consistent, methodical and well thought-out way.

Again, schedule a no-pressure call with me here:


Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend 30 minutes pitching you.

Quite the contrary.

I want to learn more about your business, hear you out, and see what we can do together to make your working life more productive, profitable and pleasant!