Life Should Be Fun and Profitable...

Podcasting Should Be Too!

At Least That's What We Think...

Howdy! I'm Vic Dorfman - founder of 🙂

Let me take a not-so-wild guess:

You just want to RECORD your podcast.

You don't want to edit it, you don't want to transcribe it and you don't want to do the million other things required just to publish a podcast episode!

You'd rather have somebody do everything for you so you can focus on the fun stuff: recording great content and letting your audience know about it.

Oh yeah, and not to mention, building your brand and trust factor, driving qualified traffic to your site, and making more sales.

That's what podcasting is all about: fun, profitable and valuable for all parties involved.

You don't want to deal with the million little to-dos necessary to get your podcast published and who can blame you?

Well, that's why I started, so you can focus on having more FUN in your business, creating more VALUE for all of the folks you interact with, and making more PROFIT through this insanely sticky new medium called podcasting.

Are You Getting Attacked by the Evil Regime of Podcast Editing?

Bogging you down with endless editing to-do lists, publishing tasks, and pressing deadlines to meet?

Then calling on Audio Ninjas from JustRecord.It are exactly what you need!

Hello, my name is Roland and I am the lead sensei for our Audio Editing team.

My skills with audio editing have extended the past 12 years and have covered music and film alike.

I joined up with the team as I saw I could be an integral part in helping you achieve your goal of podcast greatness.

So far it has helped us easily defeat the evil emperor of podcast editing, so let me help you too!

We will refine and finish your episodes so quickly that your work will dazzle your audience…and they’ll soon suspect you might have a team of Audio Ninjas doing your bidding. And you will!

Do not hesitate any longer to get your work off the ground and running into the ears of your audience. They want to hear you, and so do we.

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