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  • Receive an email in 48 hours with a link to your episode and all of your promo materials
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Our Team Then Springs Into Action

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    First We Lovingly Edit Your Podcast Episode

    ::: Remove noise/hum/hiss

    ::: Remove stuttering and awkward silences

    ::: Add intros, outros, ad rolls and music

    ::: Add light vocal compression for a more professional sound

    ::: Create mp3 file at 128kbps bit rate (we've found this bitrate produces the best balance of sound quality and file size)

    ::: Add full ID3 tags for improved rankings in iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play

  • 2

    Next We Meticulously Transcribe Your Audio

    ::: Listen to the podcast (yes...they actually listen to it before getting to work!)

    ::: Transcribe the episode

    ::: Go back and proofread the transcription

    :::Listen to the episode while reading the transcription for final quality check

    ::: Produce a pre-formatted, highly accurate and easy to read transcription

    ::: Produce a PDF version of your transcription that you can use as a lead magnet

  • 3

    Now We Write You a Stellar Blog Post

    ::: Write a high quality blog post draft on your blog (we actually go into your blog and do this for you!)

    ::: Add a picture of your guest and relevant links

    ::: Add shownotes complete with hyperlinks to items mentioned on the show (that open in a new window)

    ::: Embed the audio player into your post

    ::: Update your podcast feed so that iTunes/Stitcher/Play automatically display your show on their platforms (your show will usually appear in iTunes 24 hours after publishing on your blog)

    ::: Add the transcription for SEO benefits and people who prefer to read (more people prefer to read than you'd probably expect)

    ::: Save the post as a draft, ready for you to review, approve and publish!

  • 4

    Finally We Create an Email & Done-For-You Social Media Snippets

    ::: We write a broadcast email for you and your guest to send to your lists

    ::: We create ready-to-use social media snippets for Twitter, Facebook and Google + for both you and your guest

    ::: We include images in the social media snippets to get eyeballs and increase engagement/shares

Our Customers  JustRecord.it

It's sort of a miracle when I now look back on the experience. It really reinvigorated my enthusiasm around doing more podcasts. Now I can focus more on getting them scheduled and running with the momentum I was losing because I was so busy & bogged down trying to do all the post-production stuff myself.

Dr. Jeff Lewis
Dr. Jeff Lewis Silver Coin Investor

Thanks my man...all this work is incredible!!!

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds The Entrepreneur House

Where are the plans?

We started out with fixed plans.

But we quickly discovered that every podcaster has unique needs.

You may need just a few of the services we offer, while others may need a complete "done-for-you" package.

We're here to help you realize your unique vision as a podcaster and business owner, not to pigeonhole you into a plan that may or may not really be a fit for you.

So schedule a quick call with our founder, Vic and tell us about your needs.

We're here to help! 🙂

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"I'm here to help make your podcast great."

Vic Dorfman - Founder, JustRecord.it

Vic enjoying the view at Big Bhudda in Phuket, Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question? Check Out These FAQs

Q1) Do you offer a money-back guarantee? +

Absolutely! If you're not 100% satisfied with every last bit of the product we deliver, or we're late, or our customer service has let you down (not bloody likely!) then please just let us know and we'll refund your money. If you're not totally stoked about our service, we don't deserve your hard-earned cash!

Q4) I have custom needs, can I speak to a real person on the phone about this? +


You can speak with founder Vic Dorfman directly by scheduling a Skype call here:


Or you can call us at +1-904-647-4872 (if nobody answers leave a message and we'll call you back ASAP!)

However...the BEST option for a fast reply from our team is to simply email us at hey@justrecord.it or to fill out the contact form below.

Q5) I don't have a podcast yet. Can you help me create one? +

Get in touch and let us see what we can do to help. 🙂

Simply schedule a call at your convenience here.

Q6) Do you do video editing? +

We can extract your podcast audio from a video file and create your audio podcast that way. But we don't do video podcast editing.

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